The Kinds of People You Need In Your Life

Only you know what is best for you and you know the kinds of people that you need in your life. This is because each and everyone of us are different and unique. Your needs will be different from others, your personality is different and so on and so this is why you know what is best for you and the kinds of people that you need in your life. However, there are certain kinds of people that we ALL need and this is so essential for our well being. These kinds of people are people who are mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy (which I will explain more about this), people who love themselves, people who are comfortable with who they are and who have genuine goodness within them.

You don’t need people who are psychopaths, who are obsessive, who don’t have healthy boundaries, who don’t love themselves, who are envious because these kinds of people don’t have much to offer to you. Psychopaths, well, these people are all about sucking your energy and you don’t need that. People who are obsessive, they have certain ideas about you in relation to them that are just not healthy for you. Those who don’t have healthy boundaries, well, this can be a topic all on its own but not having healthy boundaries lead to unhealthy relationships. Those who don’t love themselves, they just don’t have the capacity to love others in a healthy way (this too could be a topic all on its own). Those who are envious just have negative energy to offer to you and they have issues of their own to resolve that you just can’t help them with.

Why am I writing all this? I’m writing this because the people who you surround yourself with play a huge role on your well-being. We are social beings and as social beings we do have a need to interact with others and to have a sense of community. However this need should not make you choose people who drain your energy, who rob you of your self-esteem, who make you feel wrong in any way, etc. We are all energy and it is for this reason that you want to make sure that you choose people who already have a healthy relationship with themselves, who already love themselves, who are genuinely good. Choosing people who are mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy is so crucial to one’s health. When someone is mentally healthy, they have a healthy perspective in terms of their relation to you. So there is no room for this person to be possessive or obsessive. When someone is emotionally healthy, they feel so good about themselves despite any complex they may have and when they see someone who has a quality that they feel they lack, rather than being envious, they have admiration and respect. Someone who is spiritually healthy is always cultivating themselves, making sure that they attend to their needs and don’t place that responsibility onto someone else.

There are many factors that can contribute to someone feeling like their life is out of balance and I believe this is one of the many factors. The choice is yours to choose people who are healthy for you. Make sure that you choose people who love themselves. Make sure that you choose people with healthy boundaries. Make sure that you choose people who are mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy. Your well-being depends on this.

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